Thursday, March 26, 2009


GOD POLLUTES God Pollutes is a musical project originating from Skopje, Macedonia. Two EPs have been released so far. The Flood EP was released in 2008 and featured three tracks of textured guitar drones. The second EP entitled Blinding lights as you leave her (2009) marked a shift in the sound towards more melodic post-rock and ambient. The cool guys from Post-Rock Community reviewed their 2nd EP "Blinding lights as you leave her". Here's the entire review in English (there's a German version on their site):

Piano and synthesizer a beautiful combination. Especially if it sounds as spherical as the intro of God Pollutes „Blinding Lights As You Leave Her“. This is the road the band follows the whole creation. Quiet synthesizer accompanied by soft piano melodies. When I first read the name God Pollutes in our “To do list”, I thought of a brute “kicking ass” hardcore or post metal band -> didn..t hit that one but who cares if you are surprised by such a beautiful music. God Pollutes send us on a trip through the universe. Take your seat, lay back and be amazed. This is what..s going on. Our
lift off is on the earth, gliding towards Alpha Centauri, gazing fogs, the birth and death of stars, comets are passing us. sinking deeper into darkness while watching dancing lights in the distance. Some times dazzled by the intensity of light. Partly just speechless because of the beauty of the colours and shapes. The lights surround us with warmth, you can close your eyes if you want to and open your mind. Time and transience are meaningless here.

Pollutes manage to create a little world, an isle in the often so turbulent everyday life with their minimalistic and beautiful sounds. On this isle you don..t have to worry about anything, you can take your time to restore your strength and let your thoughts go. They artfully use discreet synthesizers and simple, catchy and calm piano melodies to create this peaceful world. They make the listener feel calm and secure. Almost like 35007 or Stellardrive in the “softer” parts of their songs just more minimalistic, much more subtle and without bursts. But God Pollutes don..t need bursts. Their target is not creating a stirring, sprouting post rock landscape. It..s about endless space, impressions and a little sentimentality. To say it simple: A great record by God Pollutes!


2009. Blinding lights as you leave her (EP) [DeepWhiteSound]
2008. Dark:Scene Compilation vol. 5 [Dark:Scene]

2008. The Cow of Troy - 10 second compilation [KEEP IT FROZEN]

2008. Fastest Compilation Remix in the World [AMBOLTHUE RECRDS]

2008. Flood (EP) [B&R RECORDS]

2008. The Demonic Spirit (3-way Split) [SVARTGALGH RECORDS]
2008. 22nd Anniversary of the Chernobyl Disaster [KEEP IT FROZEN]


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