Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tona - 1000

TONA - 1000

Here is something very interesting for our blog.
Tona come to us from Novi Sad (Serbia), playing post rock and alternative rock with rough guitar riffs and recognizable ex-Katarza vocal of their frontman George Almosthole. Tona released their debut album in 2008. for SKCNS, independent record label from Novi Sad. This album contains 11 well crafted songs that will drive you from blues, post rock, hard rock to alternative metallic punk attitude. There aren't many post rock bands in Ex Yu region today playing loud as this, so please check this out and download it. We thank Tona for giving us this link and permision to post it on our blog. More info about the release and Tona here


01. Red Cylinder
02. Pieces
03. Oreol
04. Box
05. Go Find Jay´s Circle
06. Go Slow
07. Bull May
08. Grafit
09. Down to Play
10. Breakout
11. Through Water

file info:
44 khz / mp3 320 kbps
free download here

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