Thursday, June 4, 2009

Polaris - Voices in My Head (2006)


Here is the first album of the great alternative dark rock band Polaris from Pancevo (Serbia). And here is some Biography to learn more about this great project:

BIOGRAPHY Milan was born on 24.08.1983. in Pancevo (Serbia). His first interests in music raised when he was in elementary school. As every other teenager he tried to recognise himslef in the music popular at the time. But he made no adjustment to popular folk. He made a turn to somawhat alternative music such as Pink Floyd, Metallica, Nirvana etc. At the begining of 2000. he met, through his old friend, the guitarist of a local group and formed a band with them. Later on it turned out to be the crucial moment of his career. Late that year they formed a band called 'Jewy Sabatay'. He was a lead vocal. They recorded demo album called 'Rare and not optimistic' [2001]. In addition they recorded studio album 'Angela's smile' [2002] for I.T.M.M.The band consisted of Milan-vocal,Vladimir-bassist, Velibor-guitarist and drummers who happen to drop out of the band later .. when Milan returned from the army they recorded "Live" from Akademija. In late 2005. disagreement between Vladimir, Velibor and Milan began to take its toll on them. They decided to quit working with Milan and continued as a three-member band. During the recording of 'Angela's smile' Milan was finishing his project called "Mind" at the same time. As for the reviews it passed reasonably good, cathegorised as phychodelic album. Taking into account that this was his first album it was hailed by pretty good critics. In the album he played all instruments by himself. The 'Mind' is a depiciton of depressive and melancholic music. Afterwards, the "Polaris'' projects came out and was considered as an addition to the 'Mind' one. Polaris and Mind are actually one album but it's the length of the songs that made them be split into two. Critics appeared to be the same as for the first project. Projects ave not been published for either of labels. It's beeing represented as Polaris now and his new project is named 'Voices in my head'. That was the time when Milan decided to quit working with band and relied on his work. He put in all of his energy. VOICES IN MY HEAD is pretty different from the previous albums. It contains 12 tracks and they are all different. It is more conceptual than others. Songs are assigned for live preformances so it indicates creating of a band. He attempted to avoid psychodelic music and moved towards progressive one mingled with electronic. Album embraces every day life topics. There is a Hollywood star on the cover. She smiles and looks at her ivisible reflection, her fame which she wants to put a stop to by a piece of glass holding in her hand. Listeners are to reveal which person it is about. He plans to do visual representations too, to make a video and tries to gather all people who would embrace his ideas and with him express them through concerts. There are some preformances planned but there'll be words about it later.

Polaris - Voices in My Head (2006)

here are some videoclips of Polaris:

and here is the link for their MySpace page.

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