Tuesday, July 14, 2009

f.O.F. - Not One of Them (2006)

f.O.F. - Not One of Them (2006)

This is one of the best Ex Yu industrial / electro bands that came out from 2000's. We talked about these guys before but here is the real deal. As you know, they've released their first album 'Not One of Them' for Slusaj Najglasnije (Listen Loudest) from Croatia. f.O.F. comes from the cult city Rijeka in Croatia and it counts members from legendary industrial rock / noise rock band Transmisia along with some members from Very Expensive Porno Movie. f.O.F. is active from the beginning of the 2000's and they are currently working on their second album which will be a blast. So, here it is for now - from the guys themselves (thank you Robert !!!) their first album and I recomend that you download it and listen loud right fucking now!

01 Not One of Them (3:22)
02 Hello Christine (2:58)
03 These Words (3:15)
04 Nova techno (3:38)
05 Supernova (2:19)
06 Many Came (3:00)
07 Psychedelic Lick (4:12)
08 Rocketman (3:59)
09 B. Guilty Electric (2:02)
10 Punk (2:25)
11 With You (2:27)
12 B Guilty (3:45)

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