Thursday, August 13, 2009

Replicant Delights - Replicant Delights (2009)


This is a very interesting ambiental / drone / experimental project from Valjevo (Serbia). Replicant Delights is a one-man band creating cosmic sounds and very ambiental driven
magical noises. This album will drive you through the outer space and back. Soon we'll
have more information about this great project. Thanx to Vlada for contacting us and
giving us this unique album.



1.The Night Is Young (3:07)
2.Golden Land (4:05)
3.Monolith Man (9:48)
4.Footsteps In The Snow (6:49)
5.Food Chain (6:35)
6.Against Chaos (5:58)
7.Nexus Six (8:34)
8.Good Town (3:02)

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