Saturday, October 3, 2009

GAAD : Message from Alien (2009)

GAAD : Message From Alien (2009)

Here is another great album of GAAD, a harsh noise / experimental act from Herceg Novi in Montenegro. Slightly harder, with more noise changes and experimentation than the previous release. This album will drive you completely mad and destroy your ears for good. If you're into harsh noise and extreme experimentation with weird machine sounds than this is the album for you! Destroy your ears right now!


1. Vakum (3:34)
2. Paradigm (8:37)
3. Watch me eat (10:07)
4. Distorted mix (3:10)
5. Wanted format (3:34)

file info:

size: 28mb
5 tracks - 44khz128kbps/mp3

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