Thursday, October 1, 2009

Zero Syndrome - Evolve EP (2009)


Zero Syndrome comes to us from the city of Nis (Serbia). This is the experimental project of two guys and it all started in 2004. In 2005. they've released their first demo "Rust'. "Rust" was more industrial orientated. Soon after they disbanded only to reform again in July of 2009 which rezulted in this great EP. Evolve is much more experimental than their first demo and much more for the experimental music lovers. So, come on and download this right now!

01 - Evolve (25:40)

file info:
size: 37mn

1 track - 44Khz192kbps/mp3

free download link


Anonymous said...

I wish I could hear this, but the download limit has been reached...

Anonymous said...

yeah, me too. could you upload to maybe a different file host, like megaupload or similar?

oNe said...

link has been changed. You can now download it directly from Dark:Scene and Bleak server! Enjoy!