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Syphil - Transfix Bitch (early works 2004.2006) [2009]

Syphil - Transfix Bitch (early works 2004.2006) [2009]

Here is the collection of early works from industrilists Syphil. This album is slightly ambiental noise orientated and much more in a weird experimental mode. You will hear inner struggle of the artists and horrific reality of their music. This release goes back to the sound of the 80's and the real industrial experimentation. You will also hear some lightmotives from the previous release. Now be good and download this album now!

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01. This Summer We Travel Far Away
02. The Gemini Lounge
03. Love Child
04. Marjorie Cameron Aeon Rape Plans
05. Bathtub H.E.X
06. Smell Of Leather
07. Kevorkian Lab
08. Nibble On a Wrench
09. Blue Jean
10. Death Pajama Connection
11. Perfect Cannibals
12. Down In The Syndrome
13. Porcelaine Vagina
14. Desiree, I Am Not a Lesbian
15. Black Sun Lily
16. Afterhours With Knives
17. Not Into Kinky Stuff
18. Malignant Unspoken
19. Cosmetics Of Void
20. Transfix Bitch
21. La Tuve En El Culo
22. Carnivore Wife (all 3 parts)
23. Love That Potion (all 3 parts)

(dark industrial/experimental/ambient/noise - Sombor, Serbia)


All 23 songs are from period of 2004.-2006.
Music & lyrics by Dejan, except 09 by David Bowie.

Songs 02,04,05,07,11,14,20,23 are slightly rearranged and then embraced with male and female vocal talents.
Song 10 is an early short version of "Dead Body In My Pajama", from year 2005.
Songs 06,12,13,15,16,17 were inspired by, and made for Zan Hoffman's 15x1 series.
Songs 02,05,07,08 were made as a soundtrack for an obscure & never finished short lo fi 2005. movie "The Gemini Method".
Song 23 was made as a soundtrack for an experimental lo fi short 2005. surrealist porn movie "Fat Alarm".
Songs 03 & 09 appear in a lo fi movie "Pticji Grip".

Easy listening under the night time sunshine. Headphones might help & hurt.

Lyrics can be found in their blog at Myspace

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