Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pornhouse : First Massacre

Pornhouse : First Massacre

This is the new release of Pornhouse from Nis. Slightly different than the previous releases for Dark:Scene where he followed the industrial rock / post industrial sounds and mixed them with great ambient noises. This release is completely in the ambient industrial mode. Sounding like a soundtrack for one hell-of-a horror movie. Enjoy!


01 First Massacre (6:32)
02 Order (11:44)
03 0-1 8X4 (13:06)
04 Forgotten (9:48)

file info:

size: 40mb
4 tracks - 44khz128kbps/mp3

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free download ( location 2 )


Leighton said...

Cool bunch of tunes ya got here!

Wiebe said...

Love your music!