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Pogreb X : Live in Novi Sad (2010)

POGREB X : Live in Novi Sad (2010)
balkan art shock / punk
rd: 17-11-2010

Pogreb X is one of the first punk bands from old Yugoslavia gathered and created by Adolf Soldo. They've been around since 1978. and are the best representatives of Balkan punk sound which is pretty much different from Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols and Ramones sound. They don;t label themselves as punk anymore. Pogreb X was the first band of the Balkan cult punk figure Satan Panonski. Many of the great songs were made in the first years of Pogreb X, songs as: Iza zida, Lepi Mario, Trpi kurvo, Dragi sine moj, Oci u magli, Odrezite sise.. They've never officially released anything in these 32 years so this is really an honor for Dark:Scene records, to be the first one who will release something from these cult guys. This recording took place the first time they visited Novi Sad to play a gig on 5th November 2010. They did a great show with two more bands who were their local support: Drop Dead and dreDDup. Hope you will enjoy this great music and a big thank you to Adolf Soldo from Pogreb X!

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01. Intro
02. Adolf's speech
03. DM
04. Advokat (Lawyer)
05. Organi (Organs)
06. Tpri kurvo (Suffer You Whore)
07. Bagra (Scum)
08. Dragi sine moj (My Dear Son)
09. Covjek covjeka (Man to Man)
10. Hard Blood Shock
11. Sexualni distonalitet
12. Ratno stanje (Warfare)
13. Ko ko da
14. Iza zida (Behind the Wall)
15. Bogata djeca (Rich kids)
16. Oci u magli (Eyes in the fog)
17. Odrezite sise (Cutt off breasts)
18. Lepi Mario (Beeautiful Mario)

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