Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sound of her Wings - All my Silent Memories (2011)

Sound of her Wings : All my Silent Memories (2011)

Sound of her Wings is a Cyber Noir project, started in 2010 by Victor, formerly frontman of futurepop project Essence of Night. All my Silent Memories is SohW's first release, released for Dark:Scene net label. This release is a sum of different emotions and feelings, ranging from love to hate, from fears to struggles, from ideals to regrets. To describe all these emotions and images, Sound of her Wings created a new and unique dark atmosphere with elements of Darkwave, Metal, Industrial and EBM. Vocals are mainly deep, creating in that way a dark atmosphere, sometimes grownig to highly distorted screams. No musical instrument or technique is a stranger to Sound of her Wings- from electronic beats, to guitar solos and even dreamlike acoustic soundscapes, everything is packed in a new way of audio expressing.

Genre: Darkwave, Industrial metal
Style: Cyber Noir

1.In your arms (instrumental)
2.Follow the Swan
3.365 Dana (365 Days)
5.Igra Leptira (Butterfly Dance)
6.Thief of Seasons (instrumental)

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