Saturday, April 2, 2011

Alexander Friedrich - Abnormal (2011)


Svetislav Vukov started this project in late 2010. At first, this was ment to be a soundtrack for horror and gore movies. His music is full of dark atmospheric soundscapes. If you enjoyed horror movies from the 80's and their music you will definitely love this piece of work. This is Alexander Friedrich's first official release and they come to us from the town Kula (Serbia). Enjoy! :)


01. Well Of Perversions (1:28)
02. Imbecile and Whore (3:05)
03. Vicious, but honourable screwing (2:18)
04. It's honourable, I said (2:17)
05. Muscle Defect (2:17)

file info:
size: 14mb
5 tracks - 44khz160kbps/mp3

download here

download ( location 2 )

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