Monday, July 4, 2011

Joe 4


Joe 4 are a trio from Zagreb, Croatia which began playing at the end of 2008. as a four piece. In the middle/end of 2009. they continue to work as a cohesive trio, recording their first release, a 4 song demo/EP distributed solely through web channels. The music itself and songs by Joe 4 resemble the majority of a creative epoch labeled under the tag of American noise rock underground scene, incurred in the 90's. It brings richly structured arrangements, in layers and compact, noise and loud songs filled with rage, sarcasm and cynicism, which without any prejudice can be put alongside the rebellious and quarrelsome obscene images with which stylistics and mannerisms of the genre is abundant. In the first instance, the emphasis is put on the smooth and scorching drumming and rhythm and the concept of compositions in which the alternating strong guitar riffs are opposed to braided, often linear ruse bass lines and flashy/gory vocals which neurotically shout harmoniously designed simple metaphorical lyrics.


2011 - Enola Gay [ep]
2011 - Live in Sarajevo (bootleg)


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