Saturday, July 2, 2011

One Piece Puzzle


One Piece Puzzle comes to us from Rijeka (Croatia). Band was formed somewhere near the year 2001. having it's first official appearance on compilation "Strašni Riječani" in 2006. Their sound is characterized by energetic rhythm, loud vocals and classic industrial rock raging guitars. Having female singer and backing male singer. Here is a list of critic responses to their performances and albums: "industrial-pop attraction", "provocative-sexy formation", "agressive-obscure quartet", "band for funerals and weddings", "band having God and Satan on their side".


2002 - Izdali smo metal
2003 -
Blitz Blub
2006 - Strašni Riječani
2007 - nulti album [split sa Gori Ussi Winnetou]
2009 - 13 Zlatnih hitova
(listen the whole album here)
2011 - Obiteljska simfonija

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