Monday, October 17, 2011

CutNpAsTe : Kill 'em All and Come Back Alone (2011)

CutNpAsTe : Kill 'em All and Come Back Alone (2011)

Yup, they are back! 3 years have passed after CAP was disbanded and the members went separate ways. This industrial metal / aggrotech project was gathered again, with a new front man - singer Blaza (from trash metal band M.A.D. Goya) and some guest stars. After 3 ep's, band now returned with some new stuff and LP album. Completely in industrial metal / aggrotech mode, changed their sound to more commercial and in-your-face. More Bile like, less Godflesh and popular industrial metal sound. This album will yet to be released, this is just a promotional copy of the album, so be prepared for the upcoming CuTnPaSte. Enjoy!


01 End Game (3:34)
02 Total Death (2:51)
03 Kill Em All and Come Back Alone (3:14)
04 We're On a Killer Road Baby (2:29)
05 Die Bitch Die (2:31)
06 We Are Dead (1:46)
07 Give Me Some Pain (2:06)
08 Steel Morning (3:56)
09 Fuck Slut (aggrotech mix) (3:44)
10 On dolazi po krv (aggrotech mix) (2:46)

file size: 63mb
10 tracks - 44khz320kbps/mp3

promotional copy download

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