Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DREDDUP : Live in Usine club (Switzerland 26-11-2011)

DREDDUP : Live in 'Usine' club (Switzerland 26-11-2011)

Serbian industrial rockers went to another European tour in which they visited Switzerland. This is a bootleg (mix out) recording of their 30 minute show. Besides DREDDUP Electrodark Party LXXII also included LES MODULES ETRANGES, CONTROL OPERATION , OPERATION OF THE SUN and EKO-NUKLEAR. Enjoy!


1 Intro
2 Mr Fooz
3 First Blood
4 Not From Here
5 Inject the Poison
6.Angel for the Masses
7 Echoes and Doors
8 Garden of Dead Friends

file info:

size: 67 mb
format: mp3 44khz 320kbps

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