Friday, December 30, 2011

Void Inject - Godfuckers EP (2011)

VOID.INJECT - Godfuckers EP (2011)
dance electronica / death machinery

Void Inject is the side-project of Ivan Rogar from Croatian electronic band Kult of Red Pyramid. Like Surreal Eternity, Void Inject also comes to our label bringing dance electronica and harsh modern sound. Here are 6 completely fresh tracks ready for your loud listening. If interested to know more about this project, feel free to go here -


1. Deflektor (3:34)
2. Life Transfusion (3:29)
3. Achtung Kinder (4:52)
4.Godfuckers (4:42)
5. Uninvited (3:40)
6. Hearse (3:23)
free download (from server)
free download (location 2)

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