Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Crime:Scene Radio - Episode 1


Crime Scene Radio is the Internet Podcast Show hosted by yours truly mr.Grand Inquisitor.
I will try to promote music that I find fascinating and interesting. My main orientation are the underground bands, than some industrial, noise punk, industrial rock, experimental and weird dark music. I'll try to make every show interesting for the listeners talking about the scene and the bands.

Show will be available for listening. every SUNDAY from 22:00 to 00:00 PM (CET)
on and here! Show is in Barbarian English

You can also send me some of your song and I will gladly play them in my show, if I find it tasteful and interesting. My e-mail is:
(just add: "for the CS radio show" and give me some basic info about the band/project).

Grand Inquisitor, over & out!

Songs played in this show:

01. Haus Arafna - Heart Beates Blood Flows (3:38)
02. CutNpAsTe - Steel Morning (3:56)
03. Red Fang - Throw Up (6:33)
04. GUW - ja ne umem - ja razumem (5:20)
05. A Place to Bury Strangers - Ego Death (5:42)
06. Kleimor - First Satori (6:00)
07. Dario Sereval - V oko (5:08)
08. God Pollutes - Out With the Headphones (4:42)
09. Bizarra Locomotiva - Outono (4:34)
10. Raven - Fragments Of A Falling Sky (4:14)
11. Lullabye Arkestra - Voodoo (0:44)
12. Drop Dead - Lucifer (2:44)
13. Harvey Milk - Old Glory (4:19)
14. Syphil - Whore Pile (2:39)
15. War Brides - Maritime Disaster (5:48)


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Vlad unrâleurdeplus said...

Thanks a lot, I'll be there. :))