Sunday, February 26, 2012

DREDDUP : 15 Years Celebration (2012)


June 4. 1997 - Serbia, small city of Novi Sad - Two friends gathered and started making music. They experimented with electronic beats, distortions, samples and weird noises. Sampled cats, dogs, guitars and drums. It was all done in one small room with very cheap equipment. In 1998. the first cassette was made "Beyond the Dark Portal" - techno oriented and electronic industrial music filled with samples from movies and video games. Later that year - "Abnormal Watz" demo album was recorded and diy printed to audio cassettes. There were only 35 copies of this cassette. 1999. went by in NATO forces bombarding the small city of Novi Sad and complete country of Serbia. Band rehearsed during the wartime and recorded war sounds. In 2000. dreDDup started playing live shows, had line-up change and started doing something else with electronics, adding a more live feel into the music. Radio shows, televisions shows, newspapers - band simply started promoting their idea of a crossover sound involved with every genre they get in touch with. Many members passed through the band in this phase and also many songs got recorded. 2001. their second demo "R U Digital!?" was printed to small numbers of CD's and cassettes. Along with Mefisto, they recorded drums, basses, vocals and guitars for the second version of "R U Digital!?" which was soon abandoned and first official album was recorded - 2004 - "Mr. Borndeads Feast". Album had lo-fi production and represented the compilation of songs from 1998 - 2004 period. Band was invited by MoocSound Records from Holland to have their album released. It was released for them in early 2005. dreDDup suffered third line-up change and started working on their second album and videos to promote the first one. Their second album came in 2007. - "Future Porn Machine". Album gathered a lot of different musicians who contributed with different instruments. Violins, violas, bongos, iron bells, acoustic guitars, flute and bagpipes were recorded. Along with choirs and drum loops. Album gained good reviews in the press and was released for Insurrection Records. At the end of the year - dreDDup mmade experimental album with Japanese spoken-word artist Kenji Siratori. Album "Pituitary Nightmare" was released for Siratori's label in late 2007. Next year brought remixes of Nine Inch Nails, along with industrial EP album "The Great Industrial Comeback" which featured Figurative Theatre as a collaborator. The whole year passed in recording the next record and remixing stuff for other bands. In the beginning of 2009. third album took place - "El Conquistadors". Album received great media attention and gained very good reviews. The reviews lifted it to 2nd place of "Balkan albums of 2009" in Croatian music magazine Terapija and 3rd place of "must-have" in Macedonian "Okno" music magazine.Band started touring across Europe and performed many concerts. Also, line-up was changed for the last time. 2010. got a lot of international compilations for the band, and re-releases of the old albums for foreign labels. Abnormal Waltz also got it's digital version and was released in the USA. Band worked hard on their 4th album entitled simply - "dreDDup". Album was released for dPulse recordings from USA and SKCns in Serbia. The released followed a European tour and many festivals. Along with new videos, band stated that this would be the last studio album and that they will turn to the live shows completely. Two more releases came in 2011. "Alive From the Other Side" - a live concert recording and "219_demos" containing old songs and demos from 1997 - 2002 period. Both released were released for Crime:Scene records. At the end of the year, band decided to do another album, although it was not planned. They've singed for Glory & Honour records and started preparing the album for the late 2012. In early 2012. it was announced that 3cd BOX set, containing first 3 albums in re-mastered special edition packs will be released for Insurrection records in the middle of 2012. Band is celebrating it's 15 years of existence now and will finish the 5th album in time. They will also perform as the supporting band for The Prodigy on Warrior's Dance Festival in Belgrade later this year. Their sound is now called - massacre industrial.

The "15 years Celebration" is a gift to friends and fans from dreDDup containing singles from 1997 to 2011. Thank you for believing

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