Monday, October 8, 2012

UDAV - EP (2012)

                                                              UDAV - Udav (ep)

4 piece band Udav comes to us from Pula (Croatia) and they've started working back in 2008. This noise rock EP was recorded in just a few days in the  "Ja sam gluh" studio by Goran Jularic. Along with noise, they've mastered and incorporated much of experimental music in their sound. Following the footsteps of musicians recorded by the famous Steve Albini. Band likes it sound to be rough and in-your-face, without sweet melodies. So, if you like Rapeman, Melvins,'ll enjoy Udav very much! Play it fucking loud!

Darko Rajić – vocal, percussions
Marko Čuljat – guitar
Andrej Preveden – bass
Nenad Črnac - drums


1. Yuppie Music (4:00)
2. Kokigami (1:34)
3. Prljave Ruke (2:23)
4. Goldie feat. Hamo (2:19)
5. DDT (0:44)
6. NoWai (2:59)
7. Cactus Frenzy (4:13)

file info:
size: 51mb
7 tracks - 44khz320kbps/mp3

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