Friday, October 5, 2012

Ilegalne Emocije - Ilegalne Emocije (2010)

Ilegalne Emocije (2010) 
rd: 2012 by Bleak Net Label
genre: trash electronics

At first as an answer on of that time popular Electroclash music, not with the aim to caricature it, but with the truly devotion in accomplishing ideas in electronic, punk and pop music. Their music is pretty raw and analogue, connected with all mentioned genres, but again-by its subject and form very different.
 They have been performing live from their early beginnings on, and they’ve been playing in clubs such as “Akademija”, “Kocka”, “Povetarac”, “Underworld”, “Parafin” , “Kulturni Centar GRAD”, "Flexipop dva", "Žica" in Belgrade, “Mocvara” in Zagreb, Museum Of Contemporary And Applied Arts “MAK” in Vienna, Wiener Festwochen Festival and "Fluc", "Feedback" in Niš, "Baš ku?a" in Subotica and also on the Exit festival in Novi Sad, Elektrana stage (2006, 2007).


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