Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Beograd - Remek Depo (1982) - remastered edition

BEOGRAD - REMEK DEPO (1982) - remastered  edition

Beograd is a synth oriented band originaly found in early 80's relasing two releases - the full lenght album 'Remek Depo' and single 'TV' - both from 1982. Band was disbanded in late 1983 only to be found again this year when it's frontman Dejan Stanisavljevic (who lives in Canada now) came back to Belgrade for a short period of time. In that period he worked closely with the alternative group Xanax and started Beograd again. This is their first album in re-mastered edition done by Stanisavljevic himself, also containing single 'TV' as two bonus tracks. In early 80's Beograd was influenced by the bands like Ultravox, Human League, OMD - if you love those acts you will love Beograd also! Now play it fucking loud and enjoy this great band!

01 Opasne Igre (2:24)
02 Ulice Su Nocas (3:29)
03 Ko Si (3:20)
04 Japan (2:29)
05 Mrak (2:34)
06 Kontrolori (4:23)
07 Modni Kroj (2:59)
08 Soba (3:12)
09 Beg (5:52)
10 Tv (Bonus) (2:54)
11 Sanjas Li U Boji (Bonus) (3:06)

file info:
88mb  /  44khz320kbps mp3


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this album!

Anonymous said...

Thank so much for this album!