Monday, January 21, 2013

dreDDup - Total Noise [ep] - 1998 cassette

(re-issued for Crime:Scene Records)

Here is one re-release of the old dreDDup cassette tape from 1998 - a 28 min. long ep entitled - 'Total Noise'. This was originally recorded directly to audio cassette from 4 channel mixing console in their living room. This was before dreDDup started performing live and was just a home project. They DIY made these and shared via high school folks at the time. Note that dreDDup members were 16 years old back then. Original singer (who left the band shortly ) can be heard sampled on some tracks -  he was 22. years at the time. This cassette contains 4 different ep's with these names: Conquistador Songs, The Hot Stuff , Exer and The Noise album. This is plainly for the lovers of noise electronics and weird sounds, very lo-fi oriented and not sounding like anything dreDDup is today! Enjoy!


01 Digital Dreams (1:51)
02 Help (0:19)
03 Rewind Ur Life (4:55)
04 Hatred will destroy u (2:58)
05 Mike Trashed Unicorn (2:32)
06 No Hands Man (2:54)
07 Monkey (2:50)
08 The sound of treez (3:02)
09 Save (1:51)
10 Sweet Sixteen (1:11)
11 Found Myself In Vains of a Virgin (0:36)

file info:
size: 62mb
11 tracks - 44khz320kbps/mp3

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