Friday, March 29, 2013

Crna Barbi - Church of Pain (2013)

CRNA BARBI : Church of Pain (2013)

Crna Barbi comes from Novi Sad (Serbia). Band exists since 2003. when they were formerly known as Drop Dead. In 2004. original line-up broke up.  Than in 2009. front girl Lukrecia started again with completely new line-up, changing style of music to electronic and industrial. In 2010, due to respect for the original members, band changed their name to Crna Barbi and started working on some new material. This is first Crna Barbi release since their debut album in 2004. and live recording from 2009. This is for the lovers of girl growl and fat industrial beats.


01 My Boy (3:46)
02 More (2:42)
03 Daddy (2:10)
04 For What (1:36)
05 You Are Dead (1:52)
06 Sleep (2:22)
07 Beast in the Cage (2:43)
08 Lucifer (4:20)

file info:
size: 51mb
8 tracks - 44khz320kbps/mp3

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