Sunday, July 28, 2013

Caverns of Kabalon - Enchanted Sorcery (2013)

CAVERNS OF CABALON : Enchanted Sorcery (2013)
drone / experimental noise - Serbia

Caverns Of Kabalon project is modern improved music created by Bodjo Kristijan under pseudonim Doomhead(ex-Meskalith) from Novi Sad,Serbia.The concept of project is inspiration from modern science and fascination with theoryes about quant theory,anti matter and other on the edge of alternative science.In collaboration with Crime:Scene Records the album "Enchanted Sorcery" is collection of two demo albums:"Hole In The Sky" from 2010 and "Fall Of The Giants" from 2013.


1. Kataklysm(Fall Of The Giants)
2. Drone From The Primordial Galaxy
3. The Enchanted Garden Of Witchlord
4. The Last Spectromatic Holeogram
5. Time In Null Historyc Quasars Of Pi1
6. Lost Pyramids In Astral Chaos

file info
6 tracks - 44khz320kbps/mp3

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