Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weird Cop - My Voice is Mother (2004)

WEIRD COP : My Voice is Mother (2004)
electro industrial / chillout noise

Weird Cop comes to us from Pancevo (Serbia).  This is a re-release of the 9 year old album from 2004. Get ready for the interecting mixture of Kraftwerk-like synthesizers and rough electronic beats, followed by hard industrial rock riffs.Weird Cop is a member of industrial rock / electro noise punk duo Transeen. Enjoy this release and remember to listen to it LOUD !!


01 No Birthday
02 My Voice Is Mother
03 My Voice Is Mother 2
04 Ponny Whit A Huge Cock
05 My Memories Of You
06 Lost In Mindless
07 Hot Diablo
08 Your Heart Is Shit
09 My Memories Of You Tr Version
10 Jesus On Acid

file info:

size: 51mb
10 tracks - 44khz192kbps/mp3

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