Tuesday, July 2, 2013

MESKALITH - Aeons in the Abyss (2009 - 2013)

MESKALITH : Aeons in the Abyss (2009 - 2013)
experimental / funeral doom

Meskalith is experimental funeral doom metal project from Serbia(ex-Yugoslavia) by multi instrumentalist and song writer Bodjo Kristian under pseudonim Doomhead.The concept of Meskalith is taken from ritualistic shaman literature on the beginning of project and later the concept taken more elements from Lavcraftian Necronomicon and the left hand path occultism.The project started in 2009 with digital records with samples,later in 2010 with live instruments combining with drum programming and samples.The project have lot of demos and self released albums.The project egsist in Novi Sad city and have local live performances with other musicians.


1. Requiem (9:25)
2. The River (5:23)
3. Gospodar Peska(Master Of The Sand)
4. Shaman Rose (12:37)
5. Utociste (16:24)
6. Moria(Dark Shiva)+Cosmic Temple

file info:
size: 155mb
6 tracks - 44khz320kbps/mp3

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