Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Borghesia - Cover Compilation 'Their music, our lives' (2013)

'Their Music, Our Lives'
electro industrial / dream gothic

We are proud to present a compilation of Borghesia cover songs done by industrial, gothic and electronic artist mostly from exYugoslavian region. This compilation was done with our friendly label RoomTracks which idea this was in the first place. For those of you who do not know of legendat Borghesia - they are the band coming from Slovenia/Croatia and were one of the pioneers of oldschool ebm sound in old Yugoslavia. Started in early 80's, Borghesia was much influenced by the leading bands of that time starting from S.P.K, D.A.F, Skinny Puppy, Cabaret Voltaire, Klinik, Suicide etc.. Their energetic & multimedial performances gain much respect from the underground & industrial audience making them cult figures of the 80's. Now listen to other bands screaming their music!!


01 Morlocks - Young Prisoners (5:27)
02 Figurative Theatre - A.R. (3:34)
03 Intens - Goli Uniformirani Mrtvi (3:33)
04 ALEXZIQ - Blato (4:58)
05 Florence Foster Fan Club - On (4:33)
06 Mother Beth vs Blondie - Lini je sile
07 Katabazija - Divlja Horda (3:13)
08 MRT - Ogolelo mesto (3:13)
09 Le Chocolat Noir - Pasto Nudo (3:28)
10 Umrijeti Za Strojem - Nocne setnje
11 f.O.F. - Police Hour (5:14)
12 Sorcerer Witch - 400 (2:20)
13 ECM - Previte tenzije (3:45)
14 Cyborgs On Crack - Discipline (4:50)
15 Body Supply - No Hope No Fear (4:25)
16 Vapen - More Resistance (7:52)

All songs written by Borghesia.
Artwork by Nieuw NDG.
Mastered by miKKa.
Organized by Domagoj Kršic

file info:
16 Tracks / 320kbps mp3
size: 170mb


Anonymous said...

Good Stuff....My congratulations for all bands !!!

Special Congratulations for my big friend AREK BAKS of the BODY SUPPLY band !!!

Marcos Garcia - //TENSE// Program - Brazil



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