Sunday, November 3, 2013

Figurative Theatre : S​vet ce opet biti savrsen pt.2 (2013)

FIGURATIVE THEATRE:  Svet  ce opet  biti  savrsen pt.2  [ 2013 ]
electro industrial / dadawave
dsr0130 | rd: 28-09-2013

We are proud to present another great Figurative Theatre album on our label. This time, the band changed it's production sound and it's structure and is more live oriented. You will hear their classic ebm/dadawave sound mixed with modern electronics and dance beats. Thsi time, FT came bigtime. We suggest that you listen to this album loud and dance to it naked! Believe us, you will enjoy it that way - if it doesn't burn your ears to the ground!


01. Mammatus oblaci (vocal mix) (4:47)
02. Kolektivno nesvesno (4:13)
03. Satori  (vocal mix) (4:05)
04. A.R. (3:34)
05. Entropija (vocal mix) (4:13)
06. Corridord (mindblowing remix) (4:28)
07. Hate Me or Not (3:00)
    08. Megamarket Utopia (3:13)
    09. Hikkiko mori (ft. Fat Zed,Sonic Ant

file info
10 tracks - 44khz320kbps/mp3

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