Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tearpalm - M. Y. M. Y. M. (2014)

Tearpalm : M. Y. M. Y. M.(2014)
experimental electronics
(best of Tearpalm)

Tearpalm finally gathered some of their best work and did this compilation of live & studio tracks. For those who don't know them, they come from Serbia, playing experimental electronic music, drone and ambient driven.

Tracks 1, 2, 8, 10 b), 10 (c and 11 from "Tearpalm", Slušaj najglasnije 2009.
Track 4 from "Prijatelj sa Duhovima Mesta", Slušaj najglasnije 2008.

Dimitrije Cvetković - KORG R-3, KAOSS Pad, Nord Lead 2 on tracks 3, 5, 7 and Virus TI on track 9
Miloš Dabetić - guitar on track 5
Željko Ljubić Pt - guitar scraps on track 10 a)
Saša Tomić and Rastko Jovanov - shouting on track 7
Track 6 original version by Koneyn
"Minijatura 2" by Dimitrije Cvetković

Cover image taken from "The Theory of Eternal Life" by Rodney Collin


  1. [Make Your Mess...] (0:27)
  2. Pending Promises I-III: a) Sleeping Sickness b) The Endurer c) A Minor Disaster (14:04)
  3. Karma Sleuth Original (Live at NRBG, August 26th 2010) (7:22)
  4. S. R. S. N. N. (6:11)
  5. I Was a Terrible Son .666 (Live at NRBG, August 26th 2010) (8:28)
  6. Intro / Just let Things Go (Kapala Concoction Remix) Original by Koneyn (9:41)
  7. Ka punom obliku (Live at Panic Room Žica, May 27th 2010) (10:56)
  8. Karma Sleuth Eats the Fist (2:10)
  9. Minijatura 2 / 1999-2009 (Live at Kanal 103, December 16th 2012) (14:53)
  10. Otherness Mutation I-III: a) Zvezde samo čičkovi su b) I Was a Terrible Son pt. 1 c) Sapientia at Wintertime (7:09)
  11. [...Your Message] (0:12)
file info:
mp3 44khz 320kbps
11 tracks

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