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MORIA : Bez kontrole (1995/1996/2016)

MORIA : Bez kontrole (1995/1996/2016)
rock & roll / garage rock / dark rock

Moria was created in 1995. The title of "Heatbreeders" was composed by high school students Gordan Jarić, Ivan Đuranin and Boris Popov. In a couple of months they are joined by Aleksandar Tepic and the band changes its name to MORIA. The first performance as a quadruple has in the then club "Strange Forest", which was a continuation of the legendary "Rockoteka ONA". Later, he will play in the same place on several occasions. The band initially plays crossover heavy-hc - punk music with texts in Serbian based on local legends to world problems. Without a clear picture of the future, the band genuinely makes a recognizable sound that will mark them forever as a band that at one moment plays the satirical song in the reggae stage while through the next raging tracks in punk rock manner, they arrive at a light ballade of impotence and move towards the final riffs of HC track which says that "Serbia can not calm down ...". Almost always at their concerts, the singer provokes the audience by shouting to them "Worms! "A few months later, A. Tepic in the band brought his school friend Predrag Verlenko and the band completed with another guitar even more moves into unprecedented experimentation. They play around Novi Sad in all locations where there is a plug. The group will soon leave Gordan Jaric and A. Tepic in place of the then student and experienced guitarist Nikola Rajkovic. This setup Morie will be together until the break up of the band.

The first attempt with Jovan Savin to record the demo in 1996 collapsed. They play several times a week, practicing as much of their own composition in Serbian. Komadant Adam offers them to record in his studio and Moria 1999. Shoots the first single "Noddle Head". Later, they will record another 2. A few guest appearances in the 21st to 21st radio broadcasts of the then-radio "021" bring them to the annual top list of 25 bands, of which only MORIA did not have any official release. This and the first place that the song "Klimaj Glavo" held for several weeks on the top radio list "021" - "21 to 21", was also the biggest median success of the band. Radio "021" offers them to release the album, however, soon after that the whole building with the radio station was burnt up and the album negotiations remain "in the air."
1999. Not long afterwards, exhausted, angry, overwhelmed with kilometers of playing behind, mainly in the main town of Vojvodina and the surrounding villages, from the most provocative bars, clubs and halls of lovers of rock music and avant-garde to the place that hosted renowned rock performers and bands, Big breaks in the band. Before the beginning of the era of the arrival of the Internet in Serbia, My Space, FB, the opening of several recording and gaming halls in Novi Sad and the entire single expansion of the rock scene since 2000, Moria stops working. Members diverge and finally put Pesja and Nikole on guitar, Nemanja Radakovic comes with whom Moria had the last concert. During their existence, they made and played exclusively authorial songs with some sort of processing in their way. There are 42 audio tracks of dubious quality, the songs that the band made. 16 years later in the improvised studio "Nasty D", Moria will, in the most fruitful post, but denied to Predrag Verlenko, for medical problems, record 4 more and start the same number of songs before members for the second and last time encountered an obstacle in communication and stopped working.

MORIA were: 

Predrag Vernački - Guitar
Nikola Rajkovic - Guitar
Ivan Djuranin - Bass guitar
Boris Popov - Drums and percussion
Aleksandar Tepic - vocal
Gordan Jaric - Guitar (First Early Period)
Nemanja Radakovic - Guitar (The last concert and the last days of the band)
Vladica Lukić - Usna harmonika (guest appearance in the song "No Control" and "Last Day")
Merima Fetahovic - Female vocal (guest song "Last Day" - Female Vocal)


Klimaj glavom (5:40)
Bez kontrole (2:01)
Poslednji dan (4:06)
Trag (3:54)
Omnibus drei (2:49)
Mrtva priroda (2:51)
Dolazim po tebe (3:07)
file info: 
format: mp3/44khz/320 kbps
file size:  65 mb

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