Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Transeen : Live in CK13 (2016)

TRANSEEN : Live in CK13 (2016)
industrial rock / post punk / gay folk

This is the live recording of Transeen band from the club CK13. This recording took place on 6th of February 2016. Transeen is a duo band from Pancevo (Serbia) existing since 2000. Transeen are two guys that call themselves Ron and Roko, two bass players. Their music is described like a mixture of industrial-dark noise-dnb-hardcore. Enjoy!

Intro (0:36)
Over the Screen [live] (3:23)
Birth Control [live] (3:23)
Produced [live] (4:05)
Burn the Dragon [live] (2:11)
Same Ways [live] (4:34)
See Saw Seen [live] (4:13)
Out of Reach [live] (6:56)
Fourth Uncle [live] (6:50)
Transeen [live] (11:41)
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format: mp3/44khz/320 kbps
file size:  112 mb

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