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dreDDup are a massacre industrial band from Novi Sad (Serbia). Active since 1997, the band are pioneers of this sound in Serbia, and have released seven studio albums worldwide. During their existence they have been working on projects for movies and theaters, with solo performances having features of a high-class multimedia. Also, they are one of the rare Serbian underground bands who have had several European tours and teaming up with the most acclaimed acts from the industrial scene. dreDDup opened for big bands such as The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Skrillex, Deathstars, Laibach…etc. Played many festivals: EXIT, Warrior’s Dance Festival, Kunigunda SLO, String PL, Kaleidoskop, Samhain, STG festival, Refuse & Resist, ElectroDark Party LXXII SW, HGF, Gothic Festival Sofia, Gothic Festival Serbia….Their performances are characterized as energetic, dangerous and filled with theatre-like presentations. dreDDup are currently recording their new album.

selected discography:

2016 - DeathOven (Rebels Have No Kings) | Lampshade Media (Serbia)
2014 - I dreamt of a Dragon | Lampshade Media (Serbia)
2012 - Nautilus | Miner Recordings (RS) & Glory & Honour (UK)
2011 - dreDDup | dPulse Records (USA), SKCns (Serbia/USA)
2009 - El Conquistadors | Beast Of Prey (Poland), Insurrection Records (Poland/Serbia)
2007 - Future Porn Machine | Insurrection Records (Serbia)
2004 - Mr.Borndead's Feast | MoocSound Records (Holland)
2001 – Transfusion 219 [ep] | Crime:Scene Records (Serbia)
1998 – Total Noise [ep] | Crime:Scene Records (Serbia)

1998 - Abnormal Waltz [OST] | DeadKnife Records (USA)

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