Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Margita je mrtva

Margita je Mrtva translates as MARGITAisDEAD, and is far from being morbid (as the name would suggest). MARGITA is playing with DEAD (or, at least, dying) symbols using software and synths, creating communicative, often cheesy&trashy&sexy electronic music that has an instant appeal to the lumpenproletariat youth of Serbia&Montenegro. MARGITA started playing with the DEAD in 2003 – old gender roles, new serbian orthodox right, old new-wanna-be serbian state and new urbanoid serbian divas were but a few among her playmates. The playing, you can be assured, will DRAG on.
blitzmädel - 2005
six sexy songs - 2005
analiza - 2003,
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