Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Vamp Voltage

In the year of 2002. Maxa and his good friend Srki (guitarist) had an idea to cover a band which they both like.Right on they acoustically covered a a few songs and they liked it pretty much and decided to make one song (Just For You) on their own and band "Flammable" was born.Bojana (vocals), Milosh (bass) and Dj Dullae[Alltekk](programming) joined in and everything was plugged in.Two songs were recorded and everything sounded goth-rocky. But Maxa wasn't seticfied with enthusiastic solos and wanted something simpler and more melodic. So "Flammable" broke apart.Maxa started hisown solo experimental electro project named "Sleepwalker". It gained nice review from OZON (society of fans of electronic music from Belgrade) especially song "Walk Of Night".After a while the decision was made: no more compromise! Inspired by Asseblage23, Diary Of Dreams, Covenant and others VampVoltage combines electronic sound with classic (more or less) but fresh gothic lyrics pointing to the all of who feel alienated, pissed off and sick of everyday shinning crap.The aim ofVampVoltage is to try to refresh serbian gothic/electro scene, wake up all of you old wolves and hopefully bring it's music to the wider audence.On the other hand VV is here toshow with other serbian ebm/darkwave/synthpop/gothic... bands that Serbia has quality music that can compete with european ones.

Alienation EP- The Light (single)

Here is one song:
Vamp Voltage - The Sleep.mp3

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