Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Eon Blue Void

Eon Blue Void is a project that dates from early 2002, comming from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. The project is a fusion of different music projects from the past. Evil disco dogs[Nemanja Zivic and Milosh Govedarica] and Downslide led to unifying different styles of music and lyrics,forming a fusion called Signal to noise that first appeared in early 2002, now titled as Eon Blue Void. The spine of the bend are Nemanja Zivic (a.k.a. opiate) and Ivanka Simic (a.k.a. spark) who replaced Chilly.The duo combines electronic music synthesizing various electronic styles, from hardest noise, over industrial and ebm, to dark break beat and atmospheric electronica with swifting male to female vocals,creating unique sound,to its' authors pleasure.
Band members:
Nemanja Zivic - vocals, music, lyrics, programming, production
Ivanka Simic - vocals
Boris Posavec - keyboards, software
Jeca -keyboardsMija - electronic percussion
Dusan ''Lumber'' Smiljanic -guitar, bass guitar
Chilly -background vocals].
blitzmädel - 2005
cold trinity sequence VA - 2004

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