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The story about project/band PAMBA begins in early March 1999 in Kovacica (Vojvodina, Serbia), when the brothers Lenhart - Stevan (bass guitar, analogue synthesizer) and Vladimír (guitar, analogue synthesizer), the ex-members of noisy crossover band Pessimist (1993-1997) spontaneously started playing and recording sessions in a dark room with thick walls, that was a part of their grandparents' old house, which no longer exists. At first by playing analogue synthesizer and guitar, duet began to create the sound that could be described as a combination of impulses they've got from their surrounding with an inspiration they've got from the work of some bands/musicians (Faust, Can, Einsturzende Neubauten, Swans - to name a few). The material recorded in one week appeared on the first release The Light Behind. The same year Pamba recorded a 4-track EP called Hectic featuring the occasional third member Zelimír Barca, who played guitar in one composition and did one remix-track. In September 1999, Pamba did session recording with Sasa Sarcevic (now APOKATASTAZIS, Amon Din, ex Claustrum) from the city of Valjevo - the result is a heavy improvisation project called DINPAMBAMON and its tape release titled Space Noiseteque. In June of 2000, Stevan and Vladimir recorded some new material, but it was never released. In April 2001, Pamba played first live gig, in rented room in Kovacica, in front of friends. In December 2001, Pamba played live in Belgrade (Klub nove muzike, Dom omladine), as a guest of postrock band FONOGRAF (from Belgrade). In March 2002, Pamba collaborated with Croatian noise artist Igor Mihovilovic (KARMAKUMULATOR, GIHT SHASIE) and Ivan Jasikovic (INSECT HUMAN, TEUFELSTURM) from Belgrade. The result is heavy improvisation / noise session material titled Road to Japan and the project ZEN FOG. In March 2003, Pamba did some thematic music for dramatic performance Knives In Hens by amateur theatre Scene VHV from Kovaica. After the live gig in August 2003, the new album Rural Esoteric was finally recorded, this time with adding rhythm machine and featuring two new occasional members - Ivana Veresky (metal percussions) and Jan Zolnaj (sound effects). In the following years, Pamba was mainly presenting the album Rural Esoteric on a couple of live shows and through its own DIY label Black Syrup Recordings. In 2006, the new release titled Vamped & Twisted was finally out, containing remixes of some Pamba tracks made by DJ Vrhovny and D'Jozigboj, also two live tracks. In April 2007, Pamba played a live show in Pancevo with Eric Boros and Cities In Desolation. The same month Pamba performed at Slovenian Noise Fest O7.
Izdavaštvo Black Syrup je u međuvremenu izdalo prvi broj istoimenog fanzina koji vodi i uređuje Stevan Lenhart.
Pamba na sajtu NE-TON:
The Light Behind (2000)
Hectic (ep, 2000)
Nože v sliepkach (muzika za istoimenu pozorišnu predstavu, 2003)
Rural Esoteric (2003)

Kuhinja (Studio 21, Pančevo 2001)
Do What You Know To Be Right! (ClipUNzine, Kraljevo 2001)
Kovachitza Thru '90s (Blatko Crnić, Kovačica 2001)
Cold Trinity Sampler (Cold Trinity records, beograd 2004)

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