Friday, March 21, 2008

Altered Anthem


Altered Anthem Recordings is a small independent mail-order/internet record label set up by a small collective of musicians, artists and dreamers from a small country in the Balkans called Macedonia. Pretty bleak for now, huh? Yup, we feel the same way too. After finally realizing that no major(or minor) label here will release anything even remotely outside the box, we decided to do it ourselves. And we know, that the last thing our troubled world wants to hear right now is something adventurous and forward thinking, we had no choice but to piss everybody off. But things are not really that bleak. We aim to explore, and to have fun, and to do it ourselves so no-one would have to be pleased but, of course, ourselves. Dig in and have a listen. From the huge concentration of people in this world, a good half is certainly looking for something new. This is our take on it. Altered Anthem

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