Friday, March 21, 2008



Aleksandar Spasoski is born in 1974. He graduated painting in 1998 in Macedonia. 2000 he studied media art at the academy of fine arts in Munich. Aleksandar is a multimedia artist working on videos, music and painting. His latest product in the air is "bottling jazzy" which is published for one of the most famous music labels in Croatia, This album wins the actual listing voting of the official Croatian magazine "" as one of the best albums of 2006. On this album Aleksandar Spasoski is presenting a musical duo with one of the most famous bottle players and percussionist, Zoran Madzirov. Aleksandar Spasoski is also active as a video maker of short movies and working as a freelance art director for various brands. C.V Place of birth Tetovo Macedonia 1996-1997 Graduate painting at the Art Academy in Skopje Macedonia 2002 Studying Media art at the Academy of fine arts in Munich. 2005 ZKM Karlsruhe 2006 DAAD Foundered Exhibitions and performances 2001 Biennale of young artists at the museum of modern art Skopje Macedonia 2001 Video and Music performances with "Blaue Stunde" University gallery Munich Klub Pathos Maximilians forum Munich Analog Digital Festival Munich 2002 "Bewegt" Der Kunstverein Ingolstadt , exhibitions named "Young art from Munich" 2003 Munich film Fest " Republika Absurdistan" 2003 Music production for film project "Spüren" from Anton Bosnjak" KunstfilmBienale Köln Museum Ludwig, Kunstverein Würzburg 2006 Music electronic concert performance in Zagreb at Museum of modern fine art Croatia 2006 Music performance at the Struga festival of poetry Macedonia 2006 Ohrid summer Festival Macedonia Prizes: 1998 First prize from Multimedia Soros Foundation for best electronic music titled "Colours" 2004 Foundation support Akademie der bildenden Künste München 2006 DAAD Fondation


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