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darkwave / ambient / gothic

Anastasia are formed in 1990. The group comes from Skopje,Macedonia,and is the most successful group in its own country. Their music is a unique blend combining Byzantine past,through Eastern Ortodox church music with a rich gamut of ethnic rhythms.They play acoustic instruments typical for the area where they come from and dwell it,such as : kaval (flute),gajda (bagpipes), tapan (drum),and also use modern technology : computers,samplers,synthesizers,etc.

Anastasia have made numerous music scores for films,theater performances and TV programs.Their soundtrack for the movie "Before the Rain" bearing Polygram label has been
sold in thousands of copies worldwide.In 1996 Anastasia wrote the music for the theatre performance "Bachanallia" which had it's European tour with remarkable internacional succes. In 1997 Anastasia released single CD with two songs "Face" and "Burn" for "Third Ear Music" label,as an announcement of their new album.Also in 1997,they released a CD with unreleased tracks called "Melourgia" for "Libra Music" label from Greece. In 1998 they've released their latest album "Nocturnal" for Thirdear Music (Macedonia and ex-Yugoslavia) and Libra Music (rest of the world). The album is recorded in studio "Tra La La" and mixed in
Athens , with the producer Coti K.
band members:

Goran Trajkoski (ex Saraceni,Padot na Vizantija,Mizar,Aporea) lead vocal,bagpipes,flute
Zlatko Oridjanski (ex Lola V. Stain) guitar,mandolin,flute,back vocal
Zoran Spasovski (ex Mizar,Aporea)drums, percussion,keyboards, back vocal


Unreleased Tracks (1987)
Lola V. Stain - Ikona (1990)
Lola V. Stain - Mansarda (1992)
Before the Rain (1994)
Face/Burn (1996)
Melourgia (1997)
Nocturnal (1998)

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