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Borghesia is a Slovenian electronic music / rock music group, created in Ljubljana in 1982. The band was formed by members of the alternative theatre group Theatre FV-112/15. Borghesia created its aesthetics using the imagery of prohibited, tabooed and repressed. Their sound is often compared to that of other groups in the period such as D.A.F., Manufacture and more notably Front 242, whom many cite as the chief instigators of the Electronic Body Music label used to describe such music. Borghesia went on several Europe-wide concert tours, mainly in 1988-91, which were reviewed in large music magazines in England, Germany etc, like NME, Melody Maker, New Life, Zillo. They released four albums on Play It Again Sam, one of the more important indie labels, which were also licensed to Wax Trax in the USA and Canada. Further interviews and articles in the magazines above. Aldo Ivancic later formed the band Bast, and is famous in the Slovenian music scene today as a producer. Borghesia together with Laibach were prominent representatives of Slovenian alternative pop music, and topped the bill on the compilation albums Trans Slovenia Express, released on Mute Records. Borghesia live show in Gothenburg, Sweden in October 1988 was the subject of an hour long broadcast on Swedish national radio network, on the show P3 Live.

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* Ljubav je hladnija od smrti (Zalozba FV, 1985, Italian Materiali Sonori 1985),

* Their Laws, Our Lives (Zalozba FV, 1986, Italian Materiali Sonori 1986),

* no Hope, No Fear (PIAS, 1987),

* Escorts and Models (PIAS, 1988),
* Double Bill, split album with Click Click (PIAS, 1988),
* Naked, Uniformed, Dead (PIAS, 1988),
* Ogolelo mesto (Zalozba FV, 1988),
* Surveillance and Punishment (PIAS, 1989),
* She is Not Alone (PIAS, 1989),
* Resistance (PIAS, 1989, Jugoton 1989),
* Message (PIAS, 1990),
* 4x12 (Blind Dog Records, 1991),
* Dreamers in Colour (PIAS, 1992),
* Pro Choice (Zalozba FV, 1995),

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Live in Kulusic (1991) (bootleg)
Video 1988
Band interview part1
Band interview part2

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