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In order not to waste some unnecessary space I, Nekurat, will use this profile also as my personal profile.

The second Demo is finished!!!

B E N E A T H is Nekurat's ambient/experimental side project. Music of B E N E A T H is reinterpretation of some most personal - and to certain level extreme - feelings, which I experienced in Black Metal, nature, and thoughts provoked by insomnia, delirium and inner journeys. This subjective invocation is therefore a portrait of memories and feelings invoked in a form of music (and/or sound).
The works of B E N E A T H, it’s extracts, melodies or certain parts MAY appear in Mrtva Gosa’s material, IF they will be found suitable for use in the band.

Beneath was created in 2006 by Nekurat (Mrtva Goša). The primary function of the project was to create ambient/experimental music. The philosophy of picture was and is very important in the music of Beneath, for many of recorded songs are unique and impossible to reconstruct or play again – therefore Beneath will probably never be a live performing band/project.
In February 2007 was released the first demo Ko se Pekel odpre (When Hell opens) with eight songs. In March 2008 was released the second demo Stream of Unconsciousness, which contains only a single song with duration over an hour. Some parts of the second demo can be heard at Beneath’s Myspace profile. If anybody is interested in the entire copy of demo recordings of "Ko Se Pekel Odpre" or "Stream of Unconsciousness", I should be contacted by available
communication services.

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