Sunday, March 23, 2008

Black Sheep Screaming


"Black Sheep Screaming" is an electro-industrial band from Omoljica - Serbia.The one and only member of this "one-man band" is Pal Dragan. Born on 15.08.1973 in Linz - Austria, he lived there 10 years,then moved with his parents to Yugoslavia.The turmoil of destructive and depressive powers caught him in it's whirl of continuous fight against the morbid and idiotic,fu**ed up reality,in an environment best described
as a madhouse or mental institution.Black Sheep Screaming is a project based on human life experience,philosophy of life,environment analyzis,psychology,in an abstract way.Not always with a negative prefix.But sure not with a positive.
Black Sheep Screaming is trying not to follow any patterns,patterns like "the world is in mess,everything is real bad,but we are
the mighty human race and we will work it out,you know,with love and understanding..."
Neither is it the "everything is black,eternal darkness,hell is rising,everyone's dead,i'll cut my throat with a rusty spoon and you follow my way Etc" story. And it isn't a "new" attitude somewhere in between or arround. It's just a way of abstract thinking of a person,put in position to judge,put there all by himself. What it really is ? It's all in there,in a way.. Consumers of Black Sheep Screaming music should work it out by themselves.The project "Black Sheep Screaming" exists from May 2001,but Pal Dragan is in electronic musicsince 1988,when he first began his experimenting with sounds.There were a few projects from 1989 {acidhouse),1992 {various electro-music),1998 - 2001 (ebm/industrial).Almost every recordings are lost,except the recordings in the period 1998-2001,thanks to digital data storing.BSS is still working to finish the first CD. In November 2001,the organisation called "LFO" has released it's own compilation of Yugoslav electro music,called "Lfo Sampler Vol 1".BSS had 2 tracks on this compilation, "Haste" and "Conclusion".LFO has sent this compilation to all major electro-music labels and magazines,and as they say,the reactions were fantastic.There were some self released promo CD-s in form of a demo album over the years.Now,in 2008,things again getting serious.. Some releases soon..

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