Friday, March 21, 2008



DAMASKIN as a musical project was born together with the new millennium. In the beginning, I’ve imagined it as a trial of an individual way to join several contemporary musical styles: ambient, d&b, trip-hop,dance…but all that to be “spiced” with subtle elements from the rich musical inheritance which was left through the centuries: classical, jazz, ethno…The first demo project in this style “Autumn Dream” where as a guest, playing the violin, performed my brother Zoran, in magazine “Future Music” was described with following words:”Challenging, unusual and almost like art music at times”.But the trial didn’t end here; this concept was very inspirational for me so it continued with two other demo projects. In 2004 EP ”Internal Universe” was presented on several Internet sites and it was very well accepted by the audience. In that way, with time, Damaskin start to grow up and to change…it becomes a part of me and I am continuing to put all my energy in it…

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