Thursday, March 20, 2008

Devil Doll


Mr. Doctor recruits the members of Devil Doll through an advertisement with the heading:
"A man is the less likely to become great the more he is dominated by reason: few can achieve greatness - and none in art - if they are not dominated by illusion."
Originally, two lineups were formed, one in Ljubljana in former Yugoslavia (now Slovenia), and one in Venice, Italy. The first work of Devil Doll was The Mark of the Beast, recorded in Tivoli Studios, Ljubljana in the last half of 1987. Among the sound technicians were Jurij Toni (most known for working with Laibach), who would work with the band for the next ten years. The Mark of the Beast was finished, and a single copy pressed, in February 1988. The cover to the album was painted by Mr. Doctor himself, who keeps the album in his home to this day. No other copies exist: "This is a painting, not a graphic work". A few passages from the album, however, are said to make "cameos" in future Devil Doll albums.


The girl who was death (1988)

Eliogabalus (1990)

Sacrilegium (1992)

The Sacrilige of Fatal Arms (1993)

Dies Irae (1996)

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