Thursday, March 20, 2008



The intriguing Belgrade duo consisiting of DUJLE and PNDC, after being passively present at Belgrade music scene a number of years, decided to go public with their material. They bring us a project EROGENIUS, and through it they succeeded in bringing their experience and creative energy to beautiful sound passages and rich production. The material offered to us is basically electronic music which experiments with all of it's famous forms, but mostly stays in the field of ethno motives and creating the ambient. In any case, it's the music written to be explored by people who know music and it's hidden secrets. It was listed as one of 5 top albums in 2002 by a large number of critics. In opinion of many journalists from foreign magazines this is one of the most important and most original projects coming from "post-Milosevic Serbia" (The Boston newspapers). The boys are currently working on music for an american-produced documentary.

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