Thursday, March 20, 2008



Ivana Grahovac, cello
Manja Ristic, violin
Rastko Lazic, electronics

ERUPTION is formed by two highly educated classical music performers gathering around the idea of experimental improvisation in electro-acoustics. Since 1998 duo collaborated with a wide range of underground musicians, academic composers, multimedia artists, theatre and movie directors, and performed in Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovenia, Austria, and United Kingdom… After the celebration of 150th anniversary of Nikola Tesla’s birth when ERUPTION composed, produced and performed multimedia composition for cello, violin, string quartet, two Tesla Coils and a computer (project OKTET), duo started collaboration with Rastko Lazic, electronic music composer and producer, expanding in to trio. Ivana Grahovac and Manja Ristic are founders of association of Multimedia Artists AUROPOLIS.

ERUPTION is focused on experimental intuitive improvisation pushing the limits of instrumental acoustics and searching for the organic integration between electronic and natural audio effects, in that matter building up original sensibility in progressive sound dimension. In the new recorded material trio is experimenting with “everything that produces sound” aspiring to achieve balance among classical expression, atypical treatment of the instruments, jazz improvisation, audio sensations and experimental electronics. Instruments used are violin, cello, piano, voice, computer, blender, electric tooth brush, Jacuzzi bath, hair brush, “how to speak Danish” toy, home garbage bin, metal heater construction, plastic pots, wooden pots, cooking pots, paper, apple, water canister, rice, pasta, wooden sticks, Tibetan bells, singing bowl, wind…
Since 2006 ERUPTION is collaborating with young progressive visual artists Ivana Basic. 9

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