Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gentle Junk


GentleJunk co. NetLable is open for sound and sonic art oriented people, interested in sweet innovative creation, sound in its purest, experiment, innovation, improvisation, noise, drone… Most of the albums released are not strict in musical domain of melody and rhythm, but are more open to storytelling or psychedelic experience of pure and sometimes harsh sounds that reflect state of inner being.

Most of the artists released are from Croatian noise scene that is gathering all its strength to evolve and share works and experiences with other musicians.

‘A netlabel, also called online label, web label or MP3 label, distributes its music in digital audio formats (mainly MP3 or Ogg) online. Netlabels often work like traditional record labels to produce and promote music projects (such as albums or compilations). Most employ guerrilla marketing to promote their work. Few netlabels earn money for participants.The primary difference between netlabels and record labels is that netlabels emphasize free downloads, as opposed to physical publishing (CD, vinyl or DVD). Often, the music is released under licenses that encourage sharing, such as the Creative Commons Licenses. Artists typically retain the copyright.’
(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

2006/2007 available releases:

1. Albume a day - Business or Pleasure? ;
2. Album a Day - Dedication Music – Travel;
3. Albume a Day - CA No.1;
4. Suradnja na projektu 'Zid Buke', sa albumom izdanim za GentleJunk co. NetLabel 'SUITYOURSELF' te DVD release of the NoiseWall performance in collaboration with ODRZ (Italy)
3. 'Impromondays' (2 albums) - 100 copies
IMPROMONDAYS - Thursday Live Operating


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