Monday, March 24, 2008



Started off in 2003. Collaborating with the Zagreb based label HomeMadeElectronica and French label Music4VIP. After years spent in the badly polluted industrial region of Sisak, he is moving to another location. The music he makes is obsessive, determined, and completely serious. And it is becoming more complex lately.
Apologies for the lack of personal info, but Zarkoff's goal is not to attract thoughts about his personal life or build an image of achievments.
He took part in Soba23 events based in Zagreb, and Elektro City events in Sisak, latter is still active.

Are you amused EP (2006, HME)
Acid Sun EP (2007, HME)

Transsexual (2007. Transsexual EP, Margita je Mrtav, Cold Trinity)
Down4aRDV (2008. Down4aRDV, Skyelectra, Music4VIP)


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