Saturday, March 22, 2008



Khand is a experimental solo project which gathers & combines raw distorted sounds with slow melodies, ambiental layers and percussions.
The songs are actually groups of layers made by only bass guitar on different effects (and some clean guitars and percussions), most of these are played and recorded instinctively and with no previous practicing or jamming...just pure feeling and groove...

Inspirations in music include notable drone,noise,progressive and industrial metal bands.
But apart from music the inspiration is based on psychology, mythology, fantasy (like Tolkien's world of Khand and Harad), mysticism of religions, principles of sacred geometry, and the eternal conflict of chaos and order/good and evil.

A good way of describing one's faith of the divine force is in the Sikh symbol of Khanda, which is quite similar to the Om symbol in its meaning.The Sikh four pillars of faith, strongly resembling the four elements of nature: wind, fire, water and earth.


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